Preparing Your Home in Naples for Hurricane Season 2019

Every year, we see news reports and firsthand accounts of significant hurricane weather throughout Florida and along the East Coast. These reports indicate millions of dollars in property damage, lost lives, and significant injuries.

If you prepare accordingly, you may find yourself feeling safer during hurricane season than ever before. With a few expert steps and techniques, you can protect your home, your family, and all your belongings.

Preparing for Hurricane Season in Florida

If you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes, you must take steps to protect your property. Here are a few key techniques to shelter your home from hurricane weather:

  • Storm Kit – You should have a basic storm kit in your home in the event of a hurricane. Your storm kit should include enough food and water for up to three days, blankets, batteries, a radio, and anything else you deem necessary to survive.
  • Gas Containers – If your home has a generator to keep the lights on, you’ll want to have a few filled gas containers stockpiled nearby. A 5,500-watt generator can last for eight hours on five gallons, but that gas will go quickly if you’re without power for days.
  • Windows – Your windows are highly susceptible to incoming debris and high wind speeds during a hurricane. Install storm shutters to further protect each window.
  • Doors – You’ll want to ensure your door frames are secure and stable. A strong door is no use if the frame is weak. You can brace the door from the inside for added support and stability.
  • Shut Offs – You should know where your water, gas, and electricity shut offs are located in the event of a hurricane. If your home is breached by water, these shut off valves can save lives and prevent significant damage on top of the storm damage.
  • Landscaping – You can actually stormproof your landscaping before a hurricane. Trim the limbs back on nearby trees and shrubs to avoid falling or windblown tree branches. Replace gravel stones with shredded bark. Just before the storm, tie down small trees and shrubs to prevent uprooting.
  • Insurance – Last, but not least, review your homeowner’s insurance policy to ensure you’re covered in the event of a hurricane. If there’s a hurricane bearing down on the area, it’s already too late to change your policy. Make any adjustments now, before the weather strikes the area, to protect your possessions and property.

If your home has suffered from extensive hurricane damage, know that Restoration 1 of Naples is nearby and ready to help at any hour. We provide 24-hour storm damage recovery and restoration services for homeowners and local businesses in the area. Contact us at (239) 215-2009 for

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